Can I use the XenApp 6 Migration Tool on XenApp 6.5?

The XenApp 6 Migration Tool is a PowerShell 2.0 Module that pulls data from a MFCOM-based XenApp farm and adds it to a XenApp 6 server farm. As XenApp 6.5 is around now, including almost the same set of Cmdlets like its predecessor, it seems to be perfectly possible to use that Tool to migrate […]

How To Migrate A “Legacy” Citrix Farm To XenApp 6?

Recently, I wrote here about the release of the Citrix XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK and that XenApp 6 neither supports nor contains the MFCOM programming interface of XenApp 5 and older versions (which I will call Legacy Farm from now on). Upcoming Legacy Farm to XenApp 6 migration projects will definitely go along with the […]

How To Migrate XP User Profiles to Windows 7?

In corporate IT environments, the broken compatibility for user profiles leads to formidable challenges in Windows XP to Windows 7 migration projects. Even if it seems possible to automate this task using “homebrew scripts” – forget about it. You definitely can save hours and days of development time if you spend 30 minutes in order […]