Can I use the XenApp 6 Migration Tool on XenApp 6.5?

The XenApp 6 Migration Tool is a PowerShell 2.0 Module that pulls data from a MFCOM-based XenApp farm and adds it to a XenApp 6 server farm. As XenApp 6.5 is around now, including almost the same set of Cmdlets like its predecessor, it seems to be perfectly possible to use that Tool to migrate […]

How To Migrate A “Legacy” Citrix Farm To XenApp 6?

Recently, I wrote here about the release of the Citrix XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK and that XenApp 6 neither supports nor contains the MFCOM programming interface of XenApp 5 and older versions (which I will call Legacy Farm from now on). Upcoming Legacy Farm to XenApp 6 migration projects will definitely go along with the […]

XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK Released

About two weeks ago Citrix has released the XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK that enables people to manage XenApp 6 farms using Microsoft PowerShell scripting. The modules included in the SDK are Citrix XenApp Commands (aka XenApp cmdlets), Citrix Group Policy Provider, and Citrix Common Commands. The Citrix Principal Design Engineer Tom M Kludy wrote some […]

Citrix XenApp Commands, Tech Preview 2

The Citrix XenApp Commands are PowerShell Cmdlets that allow command-line and script based managing of most aspects related to XenApp. The XenApp Commands cover MFCOM’s functionality for all XenApp 5 features that are usually managed with the consoles AMC and CMC. This second Tech Preview of the XenApp Commands is open to everyone with a […]