DevOps In A Nutshell

What is DevOps?

From the very high level perspective the DevOps movement is about reducing time-to-market. DevOps directly relates to the paradigm shift in IT that brought us the era of Cloud Computing when it is mandatory to tightly align business and IT because IT needs to execute the business strategy as agile as possible.

Naturally, this implies heavily automated build, scale, and configuration. However you shouldn’t consider automation by itself the obstacle to DevOps. There’s a huge ecosystem of tools and knowledge for that. Before IT can leverage automation tools and knowledge it needs to allow for automation on a non-technical layer.

At this point DevOps comes into the game. DevOps addresses the traditional gaps between the silos inside IT as business critical. DevOps denotes target-oriented collaboration across all silos (developers, operators and others). The traditional culture of isolated functional teams inside IT is the real hurdle to be taken because old habits die hard: each IT person, regardless of her role, need to learn new habits. It’s about learning to respect, to trust and to share responsibility – to ensure business success.

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