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Zero Touch Installation with MDT 2010

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Henk Hofs – known as the geek with an opinion 😉 – has posted a nice PowerShell script to achieve ZTI functionality with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: ZeroTouch for MDT 2010 without SCCM!

grep for PowerShell

Hello again. This time I will share a small function that resides in my PowerShell profile script: grep. What is grep? grep is a text search utility originally written for Unix. The command name is an abbreviation for “global regular expression print”. The original grep – and my PowerShell grep function as well – searches files for lines matching a given regular expression and displays the matches in standard output.

Here comes the ready for use function…

Actually the grep function simplifies the usage of a command line like below:

Using grep you just need to type this:

Ah, almost I forgot to mention that the Select-String cmdlet is PowerShell’s grep.