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How To Detect An ICA Client And Its Version Number? #PowerShell

With a few lines of code you can check if an ICA Client is installed and, if yes, determine its version.

The code below defines a function Get-ICAClientVersion. The function returns the value of the “ClientVersion” property of the “Citrix.ICAClient” COM object, or returns 0 if the object is not present (that is no ICA Client 8 or higher installed)

How To Uninstall An Application That Has Been Installed Using MSI? #PowerShell

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I know that I can use Msiexec /X and the applications product code to uninstall an application that has been installed using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology. Is there a simpler approach?

You can use the Win32_Product WMI class’ Uninstall method to uninstall software that came with an MSI setup. All you need to now is the application’s name as it is registered in Windows. The following example uninstalls the XML Notepad 2007 application: