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How To Attach A Citrix Load Evaluator? #VBScript

This article provides the script AttachLoadEvaluatorToServer.vbs that attaches a Load Evaluator to a Citrix terminal server. The script is proven in CPS 4.0 and 4.5 environments, and thanks to the hint of one of my fellows at Login Consultants it supports now the built-in Load Evaluators “Default” and “Advanced”.

Given that you have a Load Evaluator to put a terminal server in offline mode – that is a Load Evaluator with an according Scheduling rule to disable ICA logons – this script is useful for automated installation or maintenance tasks.

Since AttachLoadEvaluatorToServer.vbs automates a Citrix server configuration it’s no surprise that it requires MFCOM. Therefore you should it execute on a Citrix terminal server. You need to specify the computer name of a terminal server in the farm and the exact name of the Load Evaluator as arguments. Listed below some examples to clarify the usage of the script…

This one attaches the Load Evaluator “DisableIca” to the Citrix server “ctx01”:

To attach the Load Evaluator “Advanced” to the Citrix server that executes AttachLoadEvaluatorToServer.vbs type:

Below you find the listing of the script: